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Scrambler Therapy® U.S. Sales

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Richard J. Erickson, North America Operations Delta International Services & Logistics (USA)

6419 Hirondel St Houston, TX 77087 406-249-0424

Scrambler Therapy scientific and clinical research (International Patent) is currently available in just one medical device labeled Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A. On May 22, 2015 the FDA authorized the marketing of the Scrambler Therapy® Technology device (Clearance: # K142666 for Delta International Services & Logistics).

This medical device replacing the previous old version, known in the US as the Calmare® device.

Delta International Services & Logistics main goal in the US is to create the conditions to fully implement the methodology in line with the Scrambler Therapy® original standards which are the only ones to guarantee a meaningful increase of success rates in hospitals and independent clinical trials.

In the coming months this enterprise will create a series of excellence centers to guarantee an optimal quality system for ST usage including ST-NET support , a clinical “intelligent” network based on a dedicated software (STDM) designed exclusively for Scrambler Therapy®. This software informs in real time the operator of possible critical features, and suggests most fit treatment protocols for any patient. In the future some of these centers will be selected for the development of an adequate training and support system to optimize the users’ learning curve. These elements are necessary to reduce to a minimum operator dependent bias, that as recorded in statistic data in some independent clinical trials is currently very high, and well beyond the norm.

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