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Opioid epidemic and Scrambler Therapy®

ROME, ITALY, August 30, 2018 / -- Opioid epidemic and Scrambler Therapy®

The opioid epidemic is one of the most profound public health crises facing the United States and the current crisis of opioid overdose deaths requires innovative approaches. The FDA remains committed to addressing this national crisis on all fronts, with a focus on encouraging medical product innovation to prevent new cases of opioid abuse and addiction and to treat those addicted .”Source: Food and Drug Administration (FDA)"

Scrambler Therapy® Technology

Scrambler Therapy® (ST) is a non-invasive electro-analgesia therapy based on a new generation of medical device that uses 5 artificial neurons. The active principle with ST is such that synthetic “non-pain” information is transmitted by C fibers surface receptors (International Patent). Therefore, the traditional electric stimulation of A-Beta fibers to produce paraesthesia and/or block the conduction of nerve fibers to produce an analgesic effect, i.e., via TENS/SCS machines, is abandoned.

The significance of the problem it will solve

Scrambler Therapy® (ST) has been specifically developed for pain resistant to any type of treatment including opioids. Published clinical trials have enrolled patients non-responsive to other protocol treatments. This makes it a good fit to use in place of opioid-based therapies. At the current state of our knowledge, ST treatment does not produce undesired effects.

The impact on the public health

- highly effective in very severe neuropathic and oncological pain, non-responsive to opioids, non-responsive to invasive spinal cord stimulators or other forms of electro-analgesia. - few treatments (on average a cycle of 10 applications), repeatable in the time if necessary without developing resistance - non-invasive, no known side effects, also applicable in paediatrics. - If used correctly according to the standard protocols (it is an operator-dependent treatment) during the application the pain is immediately suppressed. In most cases the analgesic effect after the cycle treatment lasts for a long period and/or indefinitely.

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About Scrambler Therapy® Technology

Scrambler Therapy® scientific research and development technology have been developed in Italy by Professor Giuseppe Marineo, who is the sole owner of its intellectual property rights. The official "Scrambler Therapy"® scientific and clinical information website is at

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