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Scrambler Therapy® - Scientific article with the analysis of 3432 cases of chronic neuropathic and oncological pain.

ROME, ITALY, April 26, 2019 / / --

The scientific journal “Integrative Cancer Therapies” recently published the scientific article titled “Inside the Scrambler Therapy, a non-invasive treatment of chronic neuropathic and cancer pain. From the Gate Control Theory to the active principle of information.

This indexed article studies the effects of Scrambler Therapy® on a total of 3432 cases of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. The article examines the Scrambler Therapy® theory, method, technology and bias effects in clinical trials and how to minimize them.

This article is especially useful for:

- Health care authorities that have to assess the specific and unique characteristics of the device.

- Health-care insurance companies considering to add the treatment in the cost exemption programs for patients.

- Independent clinical researchers who wish to conduct methodologically correct studies with minimal bias.

- Physicians who want to make the best use of Scrambler Therapy®

The article can be freely downloaded from:

About Integrative Cancer Therapies

Integrative Cancer Therapies (ICT) is a peer-reviewed open access journal accepted into the Science Citation Index, SCOPUS, MEDLINE, and is a member of COPE.

About Delta International Service & Logistics (DIS&L)

DIS&L is an agency created for the international development of Scrambler Therapy® Technology (international patent), and selecting of medical device distributors in all international area. DIS&L through its law firm is the only company authorized to sign international exclusive agreements, provide maintenance and distributor support for method usage training and other logistics needs.

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